Lane County Farmer’s Market & Eugene Saturday Market

The Lane County Farmer’s Market is a popular market – lots of shoppers, lots of farmers.

Definitely check their website – they have lots of different schedules depending on time of year. Our favorite is the Tuesday market – lots of farmers, but not so many people. And if you’re looking for good gluten-free bread, the Elegant Elephant shows up on Tuesdays only!


The Eugene Saturday Market is NOT a farmer’s market, but they do have food booths. We trust and enjoy Ritta’s Burritos. Most of the food booths, while a huge step up from most event food, leave a lot lacking in the gluten-free, dairy-free, high-quality ingredient department. But Ritta’s totally delivers! If you do eat there – be sure to visit with the friendly folks at your table – it’s all community seating.

If you’re going to be in Eugene on a Saturday and like artisan markets – it’s the place to be. Two blocks full of locally handcrafted items plus free local music and food booths. If you go, be sure to find Celeste of Celeste Watch Co. and tell her we sent you!