The Gal:

My name is Joni and I’m 50-something and my two fabulous girls are grown and gone. I was super-fortunate to get to be home with them and we got to unschool, so I’ve always been pretty alternative and open minded. I grew up in the Air Force and then in Eastern Washington, but where I feel most at home is in Western Oregon. I’ve moved around my whole life and I guess I’m just not quite done yet! Gonna take it to the extreme in The Galavan before resettling in a new urban agrarian neighborhood in Corvallis.

I love to spend time researching and find the best value (quality + price) whether that be for a component for my van or an AirBnB room for a night. Since I do like to do that, and a lot of people don’t, I’ve always had a number of people in my life look to me to guide them in purchasing decisions. This site is my gift to those who would prefer someone else do all that searching!

I also love figuring stuff out and creating on the computer. I’m a mentor and team leader with dōTERRA Essential Oils and can’t wait to see what that looks like on the road. I train my team most of the day on Mondays using Zoom, so I imagine I’ll be finding some public WiFi for that!

I’m a laid back, positive person who gets a lot done and makes things happen. Kind of a weird combination!

I have a true passion for alternative health and, while on the road, will be sharing health info, seeking real food, and connecting with people who are health-conscious.

I’m looking to meet up with people on my travels, so if anything you’ve read here resonates with you, please contact me or ping me on Instagram or facebook.