Yesterday I ordered my van!!!

Finally, after months of agonizing over every last detail, reading the Sprinter Source Forum extensively, following some detailed builds over on Expedition Portal, poring over the Dealer Order Guide, and, at the last minute, finding the most helpful document – the Sprinter Equipment Handbook that gives detailed info about every single option, I actually placed an order.

Since it will be my home, and it’s such a big purchase, the pressure to get it right weighed heavily on me, and I ended up delaying the order by three months.  But I feel really good about the configuration:

Galavan Build




There is probably some overkill here – like, do I REALLY need a backup camera (which is in C02) AND Parktronic, but I reasoned that the bumper repair, if I hit something, would be more than the cost of these options, and my home would be in the shop, so I went for it.

I ordered with Troy at McCoy Freightliner in Portland.  He was by far the most responsive salesman I worked with. I’m a terrible negotiator and paid full price. Don’t do that! The best advice I read on this is to figure out what you want and then send the info to a number of dealers and work them down. I was going to do that, but I wasn’t patient and persistent enough to get them to get back to me.